Seminar Instructors and Guest Speakers (Please click the photograph for the speaker bio)

James Wright - Las Vegas Metro Police Dept.

Manuel Novoa - Director Latin Amer. Poly. Inst.

Todd Witmer - NCTC Polygraph Program

Barry Cushman- AAPP Chaplain

Steven Duncan-Former Argenbright School Director

Warren Ferland - Ferland Polygraph Services

Robert Heard - SBSD, CA

Aaron Holladay-

Rusty Manley -  NCCA

Matt Mull - Lieutenant DPS

Janice Niederhofer - Founder Undercover Rose

Michelle L. Coley - Polygraph Mgr. SBSD, CA.

Dan Sosnowski- SOS Polygraph Services

William K. Teigen - Teigen Associates

Deanne Theodore - Theodore Polygraph Service

Dr. Thomas L. Trice - Triken Consulting

Bill Walsh-

Billy McCloskey- Texas DPS

Paul Williams - Whitebadger Group

Guillermo "Gil" Witte - San Diego Police Dept.

Bruce White- Axciton

Steve Rider - Lafayette Instrument

Jennifer Rider - Lafayette Instrument

Gary Davis - Stoelting Company

David Bethune - Limestone Technologies

Skip Webb - Limestone Technologies

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AAPP Seminar - one of the largest polygraph training events organized annually. Every year we strive to keep you current with every innovation in the polygraph profession.

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