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President's Message

Derek Piasecki

Derek Piasecki

You have entrusted me to be your AAPP President and I am very honored to hold this position. I will continue to ensure this remains the professional association that is has become. I will continue the direction set by Past President Jim Wardwell and thank him for his service to the AAPP. I learned a great deal from Jim while serving as his Vice-President and as Region II Director. I would also like to congratulate Adam Rembisz on his election as AAPP Vice-President. I look forward to working with Adam. I would also like to welcome Karen Colonello as our new Region III Director. She will be getting an early start on our Seminar in 2021 which will be in Cleveland, OH.

One of our goals as the AAPP Board is to better communicate with our members. Jennifer Reubart was appointed as the AAPP Communications Director. She will be responsible for managing our presence on social media and through our website which will be updated soon. Speaking of social media, Jennifer has hit the ground running with the AAPP Facebook page. If you have not seen it yet, it is listed as “American Association of Police Polygraphists, Inc.” During the seminar, Jennifer was posting updates and information. This is great way to see what is going on and we will make sure it is active to remain relevant to our members. I was amazed to see the activity on the page during and after the seminar.

We have just completed our 41st Annual Seminar in Louisville, KY. The week was great and many thanks to Cory Kramer, Region V Director, for all of his hard work. I would also like to thank those who have sponsored the event; Lafayette Instrument, Limestone Technologies, Complete Equity Markets, and Stoelting. Also, thank you to the Kentucky Polygraph Association, California Association of Polygraph Examiners, the Maryland Polygraph Association, and the Indiana Polygraph Association for their generous donations.

This year we made a few changes to the seminar. One that was most commented on was having the awards luncheon versus the awards banquet in the evening. Many said they preferred this as they may want to explore the city one last time on the last night they are there. We listen to your input and comments and have decided the awards luncheon after the Annual Business Meeting will continue. We had a special Thursday night event at Churchill Downs because we could not miss out on the opportunity to see it while in Louisville. We added this extra event to say thank you and show appreciation to our membership.

This year was a huge success in regards to the number of attendees. We had 520 plus attend the seminar. We had over 80 that were walk in registrations. I would like to apologize to those who did not receive the notebooks or bags. These items were donated and the number ordered was an estimate based on the number that registered and estimated walk in registrations. The AAPP and the Seminars are not a success without you, the members, who attend the Seminars. The Seminars would not successful without all of you. Thank you all!

Our 42nd Annual Seminar will be held May 5-10, 2019 in Reno, NV at the Atlantis. Region I Director Scott Sudaisar has been working hard on the speaker line up and activities for the week. I had a chance to view his tentative schedule and he is following with what we have been trying to do with new topics and new speakers. The line up looks great so far. We will post the schedule when we have everything in place. I look forward to seeing everyone next year in Reno.

Derek Piaseki
American Association of Police Polygraphists

Last modified June 2018

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