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Next AAPP Seminar Reno, NV; May 5 - 10, 2019   Atlantis Resort, 3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502.

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All Members of the American Association of Police Polygraphists shall:

  • Support the purposes and objectives of the AAPP
  • Maintain high standards of professional, moral, and ethical conduct and to serve the cause of truth and justice.
  • Respect the dignity of all persons, be just, fair, and impartial with each individual while discharging professional duties and objectives.
  • Abide by all the provisions of The Standards and Principles of Practice of the AAPP.

What's New

    A.This Constitution and Bylaws may be adopted, amended, or repealed.
    B. Any change or amendments to the Constitution must be presented in writing to the full membership at least thirty days prior to the Annual Meeting. The motion for a Constitution amendment or change shall only carry when it has been seconded by a voting member and carried by a two-thirds majority of the voting members present. Upon passage the amendment or change shall take effect immediately unless otherwise specified in the change or amendment.
    C. An emergency amendment may be brought before the membership at the Annual Meeting requiring a two-thirds vote of the membership present to declare the emergency and acted upon by the membership.
  • AAPP 2018 Scholarship Recipients:
    • Benjamin Bryant - $4,000.00
      Father: David Bryant from Tampa, FL
    • Angela Edgell- $2,500.00
      Father: Joseph Edgell from PA
    • Austin Newsom - $1,500.00
      Father: Andrew Newsom from NC
  • "Seeing threats, feds target instructors of polygraph-beating methods" See full story at: McClatchy
    Online dues payment is encouraged. This link will direct you to the payment page
  • Current Members, Note: Go to the Member Login link on the Main Top Menu or under Member Info and register for a new ID and Password. You will need to create a new password (at least 5 characters). Just save your information and close your browser. You will be sent an activation notice via email.
  • If you do not have an email address, please use your [email protected] as your registration ID. This will be your new ID for the website. If you obtain an email at a later date, just edit your profile once you log in. Note: if you use a faux email, you will not receive receipts for your registration or orders and will need to ask the NOM via paper mail to send you a physical copy of your receipts. Note that Google gmail is a safe free email to use for personal emails, but it's only as safe as the password you select. Stiffer random passwords are much more secure and hard to hack.

The AAPP is Dedicated to...

  • Encourage and develop cooperation among all American Law Enforcement Organizations in the application and utilization of accepted polygraph techniques;
  • Develop the highest standards of proficiency in the polygraph profession by fostering and encouraging scientific training and research through advanced study and progressive techniques;
  • Promote and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honor and conduct in the polygraph profession;
  • Provide an opportunity and forum for the exchange of information regarding polygraph experiences, studies and research;
  • Cooperate with other national, regional and state polygraph associations and other professional organizations in matters of mutual interest and of benefit to the polygraph profession.

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Next AAPP Seminar

AAPP Seminar 2019
May 5 - 10, 2019
Reno, NV

About Us

AAPP Seminar - one of the largest polygraph training events organized annually. Every year we strive to keep you current with every innovation in the polygraph profession.

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