AAPP Membership Levels

Member- Must be a law enforcement polygraphist as defined in Article III and must have demonstrated proficiency in the administration of polygraph examinations. To maintain membership it is necessary to attend within every two-calendar-year period at least one recognized polygraph seminar. Seminars qualifying are those conducted by the AAPP, an AAPP-recognized polygraph school, or a formally organized national, regional or state polygraph organization. Members shall have the right to vote if the member’s dues for that year are paid prior to the Annual Meeting, members may hold any AAPP office, and members may serve on any AAPP committee.

Affiliate- Any current employee, salaried or contractual, of any agency equivalent to an American law enforcement organization in countries friendly to, or allied with, the United States may also be eligible for Affiliate Membership. Due to the infeasibility of performing an equivalent membership application background investigation, any prospective foreign Affiliate Member shall be responsible for demonstrating that they have met the following requirements to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors and shall provide proof of being employed by, or contracted to, an agency equivalent to an American law enforcement organization, with a primary responsibility to conduct polygraph examinations, shall provide proof of having successfully graduated from a polygraph school approved by the Board of Directors, and shall provide proof of having met any licensing or certification requirements mandated in the place of residence or practice.

RetiredRetired membership is limited to those members that have been in active membership status for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years and are no longer actively engaged in any type of polygraph consultations and/or the administration of polygraph examination. Retired Members shall not be assessed any annual dues. Retired Members are eligible for reinstatement to normal membership upon application. Retired members shall have the right to vote. AAPP Constitution & Bylaws R5/14 9. Retired members shall be eligible to hold any elective offices other than President and Vice President and Retired members may also serve on any committee.  Applicants must have been an Active Member within the past twelve months of the request.
If you wish to change your status to Retired, please email [email protected]