AAPP Recognized Polygraph Schools through 12/31/2028


Marston Polygraph Academy
Director: Jim Sackett
1845 Business Center Drive Suite# 210, San Bernardino, CA
Phone: (951) 235-2264
Affiliated Users
Jim Sackett – [email protected]


Director: Ben Blalock, Jim Orr, Scott Walters, Intern Sup: Ben Blalock, Jim Orr, Scott Walters
1490 NE Pine Island Road, 7B, Cape Coral, FL
Phone: (765) 588-9224
Affiliated Users
Benjamin Blalock – [email protected]
Scott Walters - [email protected]
James Orr - [email protected]
Director: Michele Hoff, Owner: Marietta Michaels
1835 Perimeter Rd. Ste. 125
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33309
Phone: (954) 771-6900
Fax: (954) 776-7687


American International Institute of Polygraph
Director: Robbie Frederick, Intern Sup: Robbie Frederick
277 Hwy 74 N. Suite #312, Peachtree City, GA
Phone: (770) 960-1377
Affiliated Users
Robbie Frederick – [email protected]


National Polygraph Academy
Director: Pamela Shaw, Intern Sup: Pamela Shaw
1890 Star Shoot Parkway, Suite 170-366, Lexington, KY
Phone: (859) 494-7429
Affiliated Users
Pam Shaw - [email protected]


Northeast Counterdrug Training Center
Director: Adam Barton
Building 8-64 Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA
Phone: (717) 801-9535
Affiliated Users
Adam Barton – [email protected]


Institute of Police Polygraphy
Director: Ray Nash, Intern Sup: Ray Nash
606 Old Trolley Rd., Suite 205, Summerville, SC 29485
Mailing: PO Box 52384, Summerville, SC 29485
Phone: (843) 200-0800
Affiliated Users
Ray Nash - [email protected]

National Center for Credibility Assessment
Director: Von Vaugh, Intern Sup: Von Vaugh
7540 Pickens Avenue, Ft. Jackson, SC
Phone: (803) 751-9156
Affiliated Users
James Waller - [email protected]


Texas Department of Public Safety
Director: Anthony Bennett, Intern Sup: Anthony Bennett
6100 Guadalupe Building E, Austin, TX
Phone: (512) 424-7958
Affiliated Users
Anthony Bennett – [email protected]
Rebecca Salazar – [email protected] 

The Polygraph Institute
Director: Patrick O'Burke, Co-Director: Chip Morgan, Intern Sup: Patrick O'Burke
Two locations: 
• 8546 Broadway Ste. 101, San Antonio, TX 78217
• 6126 W. State Street Ste 401, Boise, ID 83703 Phone: (210) 377-0200
Affiliated Users
James Patrick O'Burke - [email protected]


International Polygraph Studies Center
Director: Raymond Nelson, Intern Sup: Raymond Nelson, Rodolfo Prado
Insurgentes Sur 1877 Int. 702 Col. Guadalupe Inn., Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: (52) 55-5511-1999
General email: [email protected]
Affiliated Users
Raymond Nelson - [email protected]
Rodolfo Prado – [email protected]


Canadian Police College Polygraph School
Director: Shaun Smith, Intern Sup: Shaun Smith
PO Box 8900, 1 Sand Ridge Road, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Phone: (613) 993-9500
Affiliated Users
Shaun Smith - [email protected]