2024 Instructor Profiles and Class Materials

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ICAC Overview - Kevin Atkins
Seminar will cover all facets of ICAC, from how cases are received, stats associated with the task force, how we proactively make cases, and interviewing strategies combined with polygraph.
Kevin Atkins
Kevin has been a law enforcement officer in South Carolina since July of 1999 and has served in patrol, investigations, and administration.  He joined the South Carolina Attorney General’s office in the fall of 2014 where he has worked as an investigator in the ICAC Unit. In June of 2019 he was promoted to Chief Criminal Investigator and he also serves as Commander of the South Carolina ICAC Task Force.  Kevin is a proud graduate of the University of South Carolina, and a graduate of the 236th Session of the FBI National Academy.  In 2022, Kevin received the Director’s Honor Award from the United States Secret Service for his commitment to furthering the ICAC mission.  In 2023, Kevin received The Light of Hope Award from the Innocent Lives Foundation for his commitment to victims and his work in the ICAC space.  

QC One on One - Dale Austin
Hands-on DLST Practicals - Dale Austin - DLC training brochure 2023.pdf
Comprehensive Quality Control - Dale Austin
Dale Austin, MBE

Dale Austin began a career in public service in 1975 as a Corrections Officer for the Cumberland County Jail in Portland, Maine. He was hired as a Police Officer in South Portland, Maine the following year. His first night “on the street” was July 4, 1976, America’s Bicentennial. He was selected as his PD’s first polygraph examiner in 1980 and graduated that same year from Chicago’s Keeler Polygraph Institute. In 2000, Dale accepted a position with the Federal Government and moved to Washington, D.C. He graduated from the Government’s Dept. of Defense Polygraph Institute (DoDPI) in Feb. 2000. He subsequently screened applicants, performed Quality Control and Quality Assurance, and became a Deputy Site Manager.
In 2005, he was recruited to join DoDPI as a staff instructor. He was later named a charter member of DoDPI’s five-person Threat Analysis and Strategic Support Team. Here, he created and presented hundreds of hours of countermeasure training to virtually all Federal Polygraph Examiners as well as hundreds of State & Local Police Examiners.
In 2012, Dale opened US Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) Indianapolis Office as an examiner. He then transitioned to the Polygraph Training Lead for CBP’s 100 examiners. One responsibility was to create and present the curriculum to convert CBP from Probable Lie Comparison Questions to Directed Lie Comparisons for all initial screening exams.
Dale retired from US Government service in August 2019. He now runs Austin Polygraph Training where he consults on polygraph cases and teaches multiple polygraph courses globally. 

The Art of Continued Patience - Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell
Chris has been in law enforcement since 2005 and has investigated sexual assaults, homicides, crimes against children, and other significant crimes. In 2010, Chris joined the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (NCSBI) and has been a polygraph operator since 2012, conducting criminal and pre-employment testing while working on criminal cases. Chris is currently assigned to the NCSBI Behavioral Threat Assessment Unit. In 2017, Chris reconstructed the NCSBI Interrogation Academy and implemented psychological interviewing based on different generations. Chris is currently a lead instructor for the NCSBI Academy Interrogation School. Chris holds a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology and is pursuing his Doctorate. Chris has presented his research to local, state, and federal entities across the United States.

Wilma Ball Case Study - Matt Collins and Chris Emerick
Presentation of the Wilma Ball murder investigation. Mrs. Ball was murdered in her home in June 2021. The Steuben County Sheriff's Department was the lead in the investigation assisted by the Indiana State Police. Several polygraphs were administered in the investigation which led to identifying a suspect. A NDA profile was developed from evidence collected at the scene. Further analysis showed the DNA profile matched the suspect. The suspect was arrested and gave a full confession which lead to a 95 year prison sentence.  Wilma Ball.pdf 
Matt Collins
Matt started his law enforcement career with the Indiana State Police in 1997.  Matt served in serval positions with the State Police during his 25-year career.  Starting as a Trooper with road patrol duties, then as a Detective, and the last 11 years of his career as a Sergeant in the Polygraph Unit.  Matt retired in January 2023 and was hired as a civilian polygraph examiner by the State Police that same month.
Matt graduated from NCTC Polygraph School in 2011.  He has administered approximately 2700 polygraph examinations to include specific issue, pre-employment, and PCSOT exams.  Matt is a member of the American Polygraph Association, American Association of Police Polygraphists, and the Indiana Polygraph Association.  He is the current President of the Indiana Polygraph Association and previously served as the associations Treasurer. Matt is a Army veteran and graduate of Indiana State University.  He has been married for 25 years to his wife, Aliesha, and they reside in northeast Indiana.  They have two adult sons. 
Matt Emerick
Chris Emerick started his law enforcement career with the Ashley Police Department (Ashley, Indiana) in 1997. Chris was hired by the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office (Angola, Indiana) in 2000, where he has served in several positions during his 27-year career. Starting as a road patrol deputy, Chris quickly moved up the ranks to positions including patrol supervisor, Detective, Detective Sgt., and he is currently serving as Detective F/Sgt.
Chris attended the FBI National Academy in 2018, graduating in class 272. Along with his Detective F/Sgt. Duties, Chris also serves in distinctive capacities to include certified crash reconstructionist, crime scene technician, firearms instructor, less-lethal instructor, and Commander of the Special Response Tactical Team. Chris is an adjunct professor at Trine University, a local college, instructing Crime Scene Investigations. In all his free time, Chris has served the residents of Clear Lake, Indiana, as their Town Marshal, since 2017.
Chris is a Marine Corps Veteran. He has been married for 3 years to his wife, Ashley, and they reside in northeast Indiana. Chris has one stepdaughter at home, two adult children that live locally, and a sweet little granddaughter.

Utah CQT 4 - Sandy Dunn
The BOST/Successive Hurdles - Sandy Dunn
The Utah CQT 4 presentation will provide attendees a thorough understanding of the history, research, and application of the Utah CQT 4 in both diagnostic testing and single-issue screening testing.
The BOST/Successive Hurdles presentation will provide attendees a thorough understanding of the history, research, and application of the British One-Issue Screening Test as well as best practices for administrating successive hurdles during screening examinations.
Sandy Dunn
Sandy Dunn graduated from PEAK Credibility Assessment Center after retiring from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Florida where she served as a law enforcement officer for 25 years. Ms. Dunn spent most of her career in law enforcement as a detective in special investigations focusing on all levels of narcotic investigations, vice crimes, and computer crimes. She holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in the criminal justice field. Ms. Dunn has been an adjunct professor instructing various criminal justice courses in both a local police academy and at a college/university level since 1998. She has also served as a program coordinator for Polk State College where she designed and implemented online curriculum for a Computer Crime Investigations Certification. Ms. Dunn is the owner and founder of TEP Polygraph Services, LLC and has conducted over a thousand polygraph examinations including preemployment, diagnostic, and PCSOT examinations. She is a member in good standing with both the APA and AAPP. Ms. Dunn also serves as President for the Florida Polygraph Association (FPA). Ms. Dunn served as the School Coordinator for PEAK CATC from January 2020 where she assisted with designing and improving the school curriculum. In January 2022, she took on the additional responsibility of being an instructional assistant for PEAK CATC.

Getting Back to Standards - Robbie Frederick  
We will review the latest published standards dealing with the most common types of polygraph examinations. While this is not a Quality Control lecture, we must touch on some of the topics which are “easy targets” to overlook or take shortcuts around. And if time permits, we will discuss methods to make sure our polygraph examinations will stand up to scrutiny by any other examiner.   Polygraph-Standards.pdf
Robbie Frederick
Robbie is a 2003 graduate of the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute with over 31 years of law enforcement experience. In addition to his polygraph testing and supervision/training of other polygraph examiners, Robbie’s police duties involved supervising teams targeting illicit drug operations, crime scene investigations, and crisis negotiations, while maintaining a private polygraph business since 2006. He has presented polygraph lectures internationally, held leadership positions in the Georgia Polygraph Association and the American Polygraph Association, and conducts quality control reviews of administered examinations. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of West Georgia and graduate work toward a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology. Robbie is also Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) certified and has interned other PCSOT examiners.

Persuasive Interviewing - Matthew Jacobs
Persuasive Interviewing (Is it an interview or an interrogation) is a course designated to cover the basics of the polygraph interview including the pre-test interview, chart collection phase, and post-test interview. The presentation will explore preparedness, theme development, and some persuasive interviewing ideas to elicit information.
Physiology and Drugs - Matthew Jacobs
Physiology and Drugs is designed to explain the components of the central nervous system and how drugs affect the CNS functions. The class will identify drug categories, methods of ingestions, and clinical signs of CNS impairment caused by each drug category.
Matthew Jacobs

Present-Day Ethical Landmines to Avoid - Clifford “CHIP” MORGAN
Interviewing Victims and Witnesses - Clifford “CHIP” MORGAN
Clifford “CHIP” MORGAN
Morgan Polygraph 6126 W. State Street, Suite 208, Boise, Idaho 83703 • (208) 573-9405
https://www.linkedin.com/in/chip-morgan-2164bb22 and [email protected]
Clifford “Chip” Morgan is a nationally recognized trainer and lecturer. Mr. Morgan has shared his training and expertise with others in government, military, law enforcement and corrections arenas. Chip has been a featured speaker, instructor, guest lecturer and keynote speaker at numerous national training seminars and colleges throughout the world.
JOB TITLE: President-Elect - American Polygraph Association. 2023-2024
JOB TITLE: Director - American Polygraph Association. 2020-2024
JOB TITLE: Administrative Investigator and Risk Management – Ada County Sheriff’s Office, 2018 to present.
JOB TITLE: Polygraph Program Manager, International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, US Dept. of Justice – Kathmandu, Nepal 2016-2018.
JOB TITLE: Senior Polygraph Instructor, PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center. 2015 to 2018.
JOB TITLE: Director of Polygraph Division, Stoelting Company. 2014 - 2016.
JOB TITLE: Polygraph and PCSOT Instructor, The Polygraph Institute: 2012 to present.
JOB TITLE: MVM, INC. – Program Manager – Chief Instructor to Iraqi Military and Police - U.S. Department of Defense, Baghdad, Iraq. 2010-2011.
JOB TITLE: Owner, Morgan Forensic Services. – 2006 to present, Boise, Idaho.
JOB TITLE: Detective, Criminal Polygraph Examiner. Retired: 1975 to 2006 - Boise Police Department Boise, Idaho
JOB TITLE: Curriculum Development Team – Core Instructor – Small Town and Rural Drug Enforcement Training Program, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia. 1990 - 2000.
Chip Morgan is the past Chairman of the Board and past President of the National Polygraph Association and serves as a quality control officer for that organization. He is the past president of the following organizations: International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Boise Police Association, Idaho Fire & Arson Investigators' Association, Idaho Narcotics Officers Association, and Idaho Polygraph Association.
Chip Morgan is a full member and instructor in the American Association of Police Polygraphists, the National Polygraph Association and the American Polygraph Association.
Chip Morgan is a graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection and he is a Nationally Certified Forensic Law Enforcement Polygraph Examiner (Cert. # 1646) with the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP). Detective Morgan is also a certified Clinical Polygraph Examiner in Sex Offender testing methodology, fully certified to administer Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing by the APA and the Idaho Sex Offender Management Board.
Chip Morgan has an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Security Management and Intelligence. He has qualified and testified as an expert in Idaho and California State Courts and the United States Federal Court system. Chip Morgan holds a Master’s Certification from the Peace Officer Standards and Training Council and has been a certified Law Enforcement Instructor since 1980 and a Polygraph Science Instructor since 2010.
Chip Morgan is a published author and recognized expert in the art of Interview and Interrogation. His text, Focused Interviewing 2013 has been a course text at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia as well as the Peace Officers Standards and Training center in Boise, Idaho.
Chip holds a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Polygraph Association, the Max Wastl Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association

An Alternative to Tactical Polygraphs - J. Patrick OBurke
A discussion and training for the use of polygraph in the investigation of Internet based sex offenses. Course will include the use of single-issue screening SIST with templates for evidence based actuarial risk factors for evaluating offenders. The course will also discuss protocols for managing accusations of false confessions or denial of legal counsel that may follow a polygraph.
J. Patrick OBurke