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Please submit polygraph items for sale to [email protected]


Looking to purchase:
LX5000 with attachments - max amount $3,900.00.
Contact info: Jeremy Merola
Email: [email protected]


Unique Analog Polygraph Instruments 

If you have an old instrument that is gathering dust in your garage and would like to find a good home for it rather than use it as a boat anchor, please consider donating it to The Polygraph Museum. Pack it well with lots of packing popcorn or suitable packing material, and mail it to Bendiksen & Ball Polygraph. The Polygraph Museum will re-imburse you for your packing and shipping costs. We will accept any instrument, in any condition.

We are particularly interested in:

We have also been looking for an example of a  Reid Instrument for years. And we would like early models of the Arther Polygraphs. 

In some situations, the Polygraph Museum will consider paying you for your instrument. If you are interested in selling an instrument to us contact Chris Bendiksen by phone or e-mail and discuss your instrument with him. If it is unique, in good condition, and is an instrument that we already don't have in our collection, we will make you an offer.

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